Why the 24mm lens is a favorite for landscape

The 24mm lens is one of my favorite for landscape used in a vertical position. It can provide the feeling of walking in to a scene and is about the widest angle before converging lines become a problem.

Mountain Mint, Cat. V

The depth-of-field captures the foreground subject, Mountain Mint , while providing good focus through the frame. This image was made in the Cataloochee Valley, of North Carolina, in early July. The top of the lens, about 16″ above the scene, on tripod, is tilted way forward & downward to provide this look. Aperture is set at f/8, shutter speed 1/125 sec. on the Sony A6000 mirrorless body with the 16-50 lens.

The 24mm-70mm lens is one of the most popular working lens.

If you go, this image was made at the end of the road near the turn around. If one walks around the gate separating the service road, eventually you will come the Woody House on the left which also has a spring house, part of the original 1800 historic settlement which existed before the park was formed in the 1930’s.

On the walk are wildflowers, ferns and mushrooms in understory along a stream. A nice

Bob says… Thanks

place to be in July or any time, actually. Please share, like or follow. We also love comments or questions…


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