Photos close to home

Limoncello Hybrid 6/4/18 ©Bob Grytten

Have camera, will walk. Thanks to Taco, he keeps us on track — always reminding us to hit the trail. Then on my way out the door, I spotted our new hanging plant of three assorted kinds of flowers.

In the back of my mind, I had wanted to use my older Nikon 300mm Lens with the latest Sony mirrorless full frame camera. “Give me fifteen minutes,” I called back to Carol as I attached the lens to the camera then on to the tripod.

To get close enough to focus, I had to add an extension tube (36mm). I then added another 20mm tube. Fortunately, for a short time the cloud defused the bright morning light. To get enough dept of field I set the lens at F/11.

The results were so positive that I plan to work that set up more.

Thanks to the tags on the pot I learn this flower is a hybrid called a Limonchello.

Observation: The older lens cost $800 new but now sells for $150 used on KEH Photo. An adapter to the Sony cost another $100, versus $1300 for a new Sony FE f/4 lens.

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