Waterfalls challenges

Middle Section, Mingo Waterfall

In our part of the country here in Western North Carolina we are blessed with many waterfalls. Two counties over is Transylvania County that boasts over 200 falls.

Some are smaller with loads of personality, Some cascade. Some are very showy and when it rains are almost too huge to take in. We can document them all; but, just like landscapes, unless we’re making a wall mural, we often need to break them down to manageable size.

The one here is part of the middle section of Mingo Falls, near the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. On this day it was very full from the rain and offered many different views.

Here is the full view. Sometimes, by including both views a better appreciation is gained.

Mingo Waterfall, 120 ft, March, 2018 Sony A7II, 50mm 1.8 pr lens set at F/22, 4 sec shutter speed.

However, nothing replaces being there. The Roar, the mist, just the grandeur.

By the way, we just had two more fatalities by visitors who felt the view was better from the top. One was a slip on a mossy rock, another when a dog got caught in the current and owner tried a rescue. Be safe. Nothing is gained by being on top of the falls. All the magic is when looking up.

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