Photography and being there…

Some years ago, in springtime, in rain, I headed out and made this image.

Marietta, rest in peace, at Burr Studio in Waynesville was handling my work at the time. The Springtime in rain became one of her favorites. It also served to remind me of the special times for good opportunities.

I had no idea the cow would be there, but I think it’s an important element. I knew not the blossoms would be so lively, Rainy country scene cropped_nor the light would radiate such aura. …and I like the terrain. It all seemed to come together.

Avoiding the Crowds…

Yesterday, I flipped through one of my Outdoor Photographer issues and happened on a George Lepp article. He discussed the many opportunities in uncrowded local areas as good options to the crowded parks.

This morning I sensed it was again time. The heavy dew drew me back into the field with camera. I was not able to replicate the springtime image but using mountain mist as my guide, was able to find elements as reminders.

Fall country scene – cow





The take away is a reminder to ply more backroads, and get permission to be on certain private roads to better prepare for the next special opportunities that nature provides.

It’s a grand place out there…

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