Photo Workflow tip to start

taco on lorelei deck #2By now most of us are pretty much wired to the way we shoot. Ain’t gonna change.

But for those few that are still looking for a work flow to follow here is a pretty good first rule. It comes from Bob Orlopp, long time educator and shooter. “But,” he began, when discussing the benefits of practice,  “it’s Gotta be best if photographers practice positive things, rather than the negative.”

How true.  When I first started, it was…

Shutter Speed

That worked for me. Pretty simple.
As technology changed, my order changed as well.
It became – “Focus”, “Aperture Priority”, Shutter speed will set automatically, and “Think”.  – Only three items.

Think refers to checking the frame for hot spots, and other destroyers of image. It still remains the most important.

Practice what works, not what doesn’t.  Hope this helps. 


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