Photo Tune Up Tips, for all ages…

Early spring wildflowers are calling… soon!

Wake up photo skills! What to do?

I was lucky – the daffodils were blooming in our front yard. That will work. The ground is still wet so I bring a tarp and stretch out on that.
What to shoot?
  • Composition. A grouping of flowers can usually be separated. Is there is a single, three or five flowers in a group?
  • Background. Is there a clear area that can be used to cut down distractions?
  • Position? Can I change my position.
  • Lenses? A longer lens, a macro lens, extension tubes, or close up lens are things to think about.
  • Keep it simple. This is only an exercise to tune up our procedures. We can also use this opportunity to try some new controls on our equipment.
  • Two kinds of images make up our portfolio. Those provided for us to make a record of and those we fashion by changing elements before us. Both are worthy of our time. Never be discouraged. Use what we know. Add what we learn.

The daffodils in front of me are more challenging than I thought they might be.


Three Dafodills
The light is overcast, so I’m hoping to use it to filter through to show detail. I crop to only show the pistols of the three flowers selected.
Upon a closer look, I may change some things…
 I may open up the blossoms more so they breath better. I may also lighten up the flowers and increase depth-of-field. As this is only a test it’s a good opportunity to see what the differences can be. If there is much of a difference, I’ll send the results on…
“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” Ansel Adams

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