Images that Dance…

Beach Collecting shells 96dpi
Beach Collecting shells

Making images that come to life.



What makes a photo dance or glitter or sing, as they say. Maybe we have to do a dance – mental of course. Ultimately, our images will be a reflection of us.

You don't take a photograph, you make it. -- Ansel Adams

Just as we do our tune up stretches before a run, mental stretching before photography. can also work. We might start with a picture of something mundane, then another, getting into our routine of looking through the viewfinder. What follows might surprise us.

Using natural elements can help. A fresh drip of rain or dew. A spider web or frozen leaf on the ground. All of these thing shout, “nature.”We’ll be halfway home to making that image dance.

Next isolate the image, making sure the viewer knows what we are saying. Which element in the frame is the subject? You decide. This will be your story.

If possible finding a mate for the subject or something that relates to it, might enhance your story. A spider in a web would work or still better, a spider involved with the web, like attending to a captured bug. That could complete your story – no caption required.

Have fun, let the story come to you. Be patient. Let us know how this works.


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